Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web Serving:

Point In Space utilizes Apache on OS X based Macintosh Xserve servers to ensure your visitors get your information when they want it.

Hardware and software server monitoring, as well as industrial-grade UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) and diesel generator systems for power outages guarantee your web site 24/7 availability with virtually no downtime.

The Macintosh platform’s ease-of-use allows us to manage our servers more effectively, and to offer our clients more options. Also renowned for their security, hosting on Macintosh servers assures you a more hacker-proof system.

No matter what your authoring platform – Mac, PC or UNIX – Point In Space can offer you a complete web serving solution.

Domain Management:

If you are interested in having a web address that reads http://www.yourname.com, you will need to register a Domain Name.

As a Point In Space client, we offer you domain registration*, transfer and management services.

If you are not interested in owning your own domain name, Point In Space provides a default http://.pointinspace.com address with your service.

(* Registration fees cost $35/year.)


To upload and access your files on the Point In Space server, we provide you with a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account. FTP clients exist for all operating system platforms, and are a simple and easy way to transfer files over the internet.

Included in our Standard and Enhanced plans are additional FTP accounts. Each of these has a separate username and password, so that you can give people limited access to your online files.


In addition to FTP, we provide WebDAV capabilities for accessing your site’s files. WebDAV is the standard in collaborative web authoring, allowing check-in/out of files by multiple programmers for simultaneous usage of your account.


SSH (Secure Shell) access is included with any hosting account. SSH allows you command-line access to the server – for performing secure file transfers, UNIX permissions management and a host of other functions.

Secure Server:

Included with all our hosting plans, Point In Space’s shared secure server option allows you to gather information from your visitors in encrypted format. Secure Certificate hosting is additionally included with all but our Basic level plans, allowing you to use your own custom SSL certificate ($10/month extra for Basic level plans).

Our secure server uses industry-standard SSL encryption to guarantee that your customers’ data will make it to you without anyone “listening in”. Use this feature for collecting credit-card orders, transfering sensitive information, etc.

SSI (Server Side Includes):

Use Server Side Includes to embed server information or other files into your web pages.

Time and date stamps, IP tracking, as well as universal headers and footers for all your pages can be accomplished with easy-to-use SSI commands.


Tracking how many visitors come to your site, where they go and what they do is an important part in making it successful.

Point In Space offers full logging reports with any account type. We utilize Summary Pro to process your site’s log files nightly, and create detailed log reports for you to view. Statistics include such reports as page views, hits, visits, unique hosts, browser types and much more.


We backup ALL client files incrementally daily. Backups are kept for seven days back, and we can pull a file from anywhere within this time frame if necessary. This guarantees that even if you make a mistake, we’ve got you covered.