MacOS Virtual Dedicated Cloud Servers with FileMaker Server

In addition to our shared hosting services, Point In Space also offers Virtual Dedicated Servers for any application.  The hardware for our Virtual Dedicated Servers consists of:

  • Xeon-based Apple MacOS servers
  • Promise VTrak Fibre Channel SAN storage systems
  • Redundantly pathed Fibre Channel storage networking
  • Gigabit switched ethernet networking

Our MacOS Virtual Machines are available with OS X 10.6 through MacOS 10.15 Server.  Our Virtual Servers are configured for optimum performance, and we are up-front with all specifications.

Pricing on our Virtual Servers starts at $79/month, with the ability to add as much horsepower as necessary. All virtual servers include full management, including software support for the built-in services along with select third party applications.

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on our MacOS virtual dedicated server hosting plans

FileMaker Cloud vs. Point In Space with FileMaker Server

FileMaker Cloud Point In Space logo
Complete Server Management Not availble Included, no additional charge
Licensing Requires an hourly or annual FileMaker software license, plus an AWS subscription that includes services such as EC2 (computing), EBS (storage), data transfer, and email messages Requires either an annual or perpetual FileMaker software license and a Point In Space virtual server
SSL Certificates Only Comodo certificates are supported
Supports any certificate listed in this Knowledgebase entry
Supported FileMaker Pro/Go Versions
Version 17 only Versions 12 through 18
Plug-Ins Must be updated to be compatible
Custom Web Publishing with PHP and XML Not supported Fully supported
External Container Storage
Not supported Fully supported
External Authentication
OAuth only
Fully supported
Server / Script Schedules Not supported Fully supported
Perform Script on Server 25 or 100 simultaneous scripts depending on license
500 simultaneous scripts
Custom WebDirect Homepage Not supported Fully supported