OSX Virtual Dedicated Servers

In addition to our shared hosting services, Point In Space also offers Virtual Dedicated Servers for any application.  The hardware for our Virtual Dedicated Servers consists of:

  • 8 core Xeon Apple Xserves, 96GB RAM each
  • Promise VTrak x30 Series Fibre Channel SAN storage systems
    (w/15K SAS drives in RAID10 and RAID6 configurations)
  • Redundantly pathed Fibre Channel network via multiple 8Gb links
  • Gigabit switched ethernet networking

Our OS X Virtual Machines are available with OS X 10.6 through 10.11 Server.

Our Virtual Servers are configured for optimum performance, and we are up-front with all specifications so you can be assured of such.

Pricing on our Virtual Servers starts at $79/month, with the ability to add as much horsepower as necessary. All virtual servers include full management, including software support for the built-in services along with select third party applications.

As we work with clients on a case-by-case basis to determine your exact hardware and software needs, please Contact Us today for more information and specialized pricing on our offerings.