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Please Note:  FileMaker 17, 18 & 19 cloud hosting is not available on our shared hosting accounts and requires a Virtual Dedicated Server

Adding one or more databases to your web site can provide many new features and possibilities. FileMaker’s ease-of-use makes it an excellent database to use both at your local site and integrated with your web site. All standard database data, including Oracle and Access, can be imported into FileMaker for use.

Our FileMaker hosting runs on enterprise-class Apple OS X servers, assuring your customers’ searches will be fast and efficient. We offer the benefit of using FileMaker Pro 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8.5, 8, or 7 databases, all at the same low price.

We provide shared FileMaker hosting on FileMaker Server 14, and FileMaker Server 9, 10, 11 & 12 Advanced for maximum connections and availability. We provide all the server licenses on our shared hosting accounts – no need to purchase them yourself.

All of our FileMaker hosting accounts provide database integration using any combination of the following technologies simultaneously:

  • FileMaker Network Sharing – This allows you to use a local copy of FileMaker Pro to log into your databases running on our servers, having them appear on your desktop as they would if run locally. This can be used, for example, to have multiple business locations be able to access your databases from a central location.
  • FileMaker Go – FileMaker’s application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Use this to connect to your databases over either WiFi or Cellular for access to your data anywhere, anytime!
  • WebDirect (FileMaker 13 – 19 only) – Provides users with desktop-style interaction with your FileMaker solution through a web browser. Requires a virtual dedicated server due to hardware requirements.
  • Instant Web Publishing (FileMaker 7 – 12 only) – Used to instantly publish your FileMaker database to the web, allowing you to access it with an industry standard web browser. Additionally, as a Point In Space exclusive feature, you are able to completely customize the Instant Web Publishing log-in/out process – allowing you to use you own HTML log-in, failed password entry and log-out pages.
  • XML/XSLT Custom Web Publishing (XSLT FileMaker 7 – 11 only) – Allows you to use XML/XSLT to incorporate your FileMaker database information into your web pages, for a more customized look than with Instant Web Publishing.
  • PHP (versions 5 & 4 available) – A widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. See for details.

A number of FileMaker publishing technologies use PHP, allowing you to develop more customized solutions than with Instant Web Publishing:

  • FileMaker API for PHP – Provided by FileMaker, this is an interface that allows FileMaker information to be accessed via PHP. See FileMaker’s PHP site for details.
  • FX.php – A third party open-source PHP class that pulls data from FileMaker Pro using the provided XML output. See for details.
  • Lasso Professional 8.5 – A tag-based programming language that can be used to incorporate FileMaker database information into your web pages.
  • External Data Source connectivity (FileMaker 9 – 16 only) – This feature allows your FileMaker database to communicate with external data sources. We include one MySQL database with all FileMaker accounts for you to start using this feature immediately, with additional MySQL databases available for $2.50/month each. We utilize Actual Technologies’ ODBC Driver for Open Source Databases to provide said connectivity.
  • ODBC/JDBC Connectivity – Since we host all FileMaker 7 through 16 files on FileMaker Server Advanced, you can connect to any of your databases with external ODBC or JDBC applications of any type.

Database Manager
All FileMaker hosting accounts include our custom Database Manager.

Developed in cooperation with 360Works, the Database Manager allows you to remotely open and close database files, upload updates and download copies of your databases, as well as manage FileMaker Pro clients connected to your databases. Files can be uploaded via either FTP or a web browser, in either .fp7/.fmp12 or .zip format.

We backup ALL FileMaker database files incrementally daily. Backups are kept for one week back, and we can pull a file from anywhere within this time frame when necessary.

See for more information on Filemaker Pro.