E-mail Hosting


POP / IMAP Accounts:

In addition to hosting your web site, Point In Space also offers full e-mail services and management.

E-mail service is included with every Point In Space hosting plan. You can use these accounts for e-mail relating to your business, instead of having to use your personal e-mail. E-mail accounts are accessible via POP and/or IMAP protocols.

Additional e-mail accounts can be added to your hosting plan for $5/month per 25 accounts.

SPAM and Virus Filtering:

We employ numerous server-side SPAM filtering techniques to make every effort to eliminate as much unwanted e-mail as possible, while still allowing legitimate messages through.

The tools we use for such include industry-standard SpamCop and SpamHaus DNS-based, and SpamAssassin content-based SPAM filters. We also utilize ClamAV for virus filtering.

Account Management:

We provide a client-side interface which allows you to create, edit and delete the e-mail accounts assigned to your domain name.

In addition, you can use the administrative interface to set up autoresponders or forwarding on any account.


To access your e-mail accounts, you may use any number of commercially available e-mail client software packages. In addition, Point In Space offers full-featured web-based e-mail access using AtMail WebMail. WebMail is available with all account types, and allows you to check and send e-mail through your accounts via any web browser.

E-Mail Forwarding:

Any e-mail account can be used as a specific forwarding account, sending e-mail on to one or more other addresses – either on our server or other servers. E-mail forwarding can be completely configured with our client-side e-mail administration interface.


Also known as “vacation notices”, autoreponders allow you to have a message automatically returned to anyone that e-mails a particular address of yours. Our autoresponders are “smart”, sending only one autoresponse per recipient address per day, preventing mail loops from occurring.

Autoresponders can be completely configured with our client-side e-mail administration interface.

Mailing / Discussion Lists:

E-Mail mailing and discussion lists, also known as Listserv lists, are a great way to distribute information to your customers, as well as to provide support and a discussion forum.

Included with all Standard and Enhanced accounts, Listserv lists can be configured as either a “broadcast” or “discussion” list.

With a “Broadcast” list, you can have users sign up by sending an e-mail or using a web page. Once you build a list of users, you can send an e-mail to all of them at once.

With a “Discussion” list, all users are permitted to post to the mailing list. This way, users can have ongoing discussions via e-mail about any topics you choose.