Dedicated Server Accounts

MacOS Virtual Server: $79/month, no setup charge

2 x 2.93GHz Xeon processor cores, 40GB HD, 4GB RAM

100GB/month Internet traffic

MacOS Server

Apple Remote Desktop, Screen Sharing and VNC for remote access

One IP address for use with machine and SSL

DNS service for up to 10 domains

Nightly file-level backups, kept incrementally for one week back

  • Additional Processor $10/month
  • Additional RAM $10/GB/month
  • Additional Drive Space $1/GB/month
  • Addiitonal Internet Traffic $2/GB/month
  • Additional IP address $10/month
  • Additional DNS Domain $1/month
  • Optional Email Service $5/25 accounts/month, $5/GB storage/month

Customer is responsible for providing the licenses for any commercial software other than the operating system.

We provide the operating system installation, remote desktop/VNC access to it, and make sure the server is running at all times.

We also provide software installation and support for FileMaker Server, Apache and MySQL.  This includes the installation of these applications for you, as well as assistance with diagnosing issues with them.  Minor point upgrades are included with the account, while major version upgrades are billed at our standard hourly rate.

As we work with clients on a case-by-case basis to determine your exact hardware and software needs, please Contact Us today for more information and specialized pricing on our offerings.