About Us

Wondering if we’re all that we’re cracked up to be? Check out some of our current clients’ comments, as well as their web sites, to see our servers in action!


Christopher Konash

“Thank you so much for all your help getting moved from my previous hosting provider to your service.  You definitely are much more attentive to issues and communication and I really appreciate that!”


Shawn ODaniels

“It’s rare to see great consistent customer support like you have.  I always brag about your service!”


Steve Oelschlager
I appreciate all the help you have given me – support has been great! I’m feeling like I have a formula where I can do Lasso / FM / MySQL projects without having to be involved in hosting.”


Ken Wallace

“I manage numerous sites and several web apps and have worked with a number of hosting companies. Point In Space is the best. I’ve no problem recommending then to both new and existing clients.”


Noel Harroff

“I just want to say that of all the businesses I have had to deal with, you are in my top 3… customer service, quality, quantity, and price. I truly appreciate our business relationship.”


Roger Kurtz

“I really appreciate your fast action. Your have a fantastic service and we really appreciate all you do to maintain our website and database.”


Randa Becker
“You provide excellent customer service. 5 out of 5 stars – You have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping me with our web services and I thank you profusely for your always helpful and willing attitude. Many others have slogans, talk big, and never deliver. I have received better customer service from Point In Space than any other agency I have ever dealt with! You represent some of the finest who personify “customer service”. And I cannot thank you enough for your speediness. My problem is always taken care of so fast, it doesn’t even feel like a problem.


Linda Pautsch
“Overall, I was most impressed with the service and how you got back to me right away on every question I had. It’s also very important to me that on the server-side everything works the way it should – it’s been great. Thanks!”


Joel Bowers
“You are as awesome as everyone says!”


Philippe Wittenbergh
“You’re really fast…. Here in Japan, it took me a whole week for a similar setup for a client (and lots of dollars more). And that was not even a .co.jp domain, which takes an average 10 days, just to register it.”


Glenn Singleton
“Point In Space’s internet and hosting solutions are, beyond any doubt, the most efficient and easy to use I have ever experienced in 20 years of using the net. I have chosen Point In Space, even though on the other side of the world, for all my clients’ mission critical internet data from today on because it is fast, effective and very competitively priced.”


Benjamin Samuel
“We’ve used Point In Space for several years. The site is always responsive and any updates to the servers are handled without interruption to service. They run a tight ship, which is a big relief for small businesses.”


Karen Mitchell
“Thank you for the continued hassle-free hosting! I wish our other remote server (for hosting MS Word & Excel applications & files) were as reliable as Point In Space!”