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FileMaker Pro 12 Hosting Information

FileMaker Server 11 AdvancedPoint In Space is committed to providing hosting of the latest technologies as soon as possible. As such, we are now offering immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 12 hosting on FileMaker Server 12 Advanced.

FileMaker Pro 12 and Server 12 Advanced offer many new features, including:

  • New eye-catching themes for any task

  • Enhanced container fields allowing you to store any type of file in your database including photos, videos, music, documents and more

  • Fast, streamlined charting

  • FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone are now free downloads

  • Faster WAN performance

All of our FileMaker Pro 12 hosting accounts run on FileMaker Server Advanced, giving you not only FileMaker Network Sharing and Custom Web Publishing features, but Instant Web Publishing and ODBC/JDBC connectivity to your databases as well.

Pricing for our FileMaker Pro 12 accounts remains the same as our previous FileMaker plans, increasing your return on investment.

Please see the FileMaker Hosting Plans section of our site
for complete details on plans and pricing

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